All of our cooling units come with
a standard two year warranty.
A third year extended warranty
is available.

Norcold Replacement cooling unit
Nordic Replacement
for Norcold

arrowReplacement Cooling Units
We remanufacture all popular models,
including Dometic and Norcold. If you have an older discontinued cooling unit, we offer a Repair and Return service, available through your local distributor.

Nordic Production Floor
Nordic Production Floor

Nordic Cooling Units
2365 125th Street
Corning, Iowa 50841
phone: 641-322-4888
fax: 641-322-5051

Nordic Cooling Units is the
premier remanufacturer of
RV refrigeration cooling units.

If your RV refrigerator isn't cooling and
smells of ammonia, the cooling unit has
failed and needs to be replaced. The
number one reason cooling units fail is
because they rust out and start leaking
ammonia. Also, if your unit has been run
off-level, a blockage can form inside the
cooling unit preventing proper circulation
of the charge solution.

Repairing your refrigerator with a
remanufactured Nordic Cooling Unit is
significantly less expensive than replacing
the entire RV refrigerator.

Our units are completely remanufactured to the highest standards by experienced
professionals. Superior materials, workmanship, packaging, and service are part of every unit.

arrowOur Features

We set the standard for quality and reliability of remanufactured cooling units. Our process includes

Red dot New Steel Tubing
Red dot New Foam Pack
Red dot New Paint
Red dot New Boiler Box Insulation
Red dot Superior Packaging

Our cooling units are recharged in a climate controlled environment. Computerized calibration equipment precisely measures the chemical density of the charge solution resulting in a highly dependable product with optimal performance.

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